Our services

Network Design

Whether you’re starting a new project or cleaning up an existing design allow us to guide your decision making and help you design a solution that fits your business ideas plus directions.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our service Identify cash flow opportunities and reduce last years write off rate in half. Improving billing and collections cycle while increasing patient retention. Prompt account receivables days faster.


Today’s cyber landscape is more complicated than ever, and securing it is critical to your success. We advance your goals through proven services, including program and capability assessments.

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What else we provide?

Website Design

Being a responsive web design company in New York City,  we make sure that the websites are compatibile as per the standards of various gadgets like phones and tablets. Presenting to your clients a clean and modern design.

Custom Tools

Bring together all file types received by vendors or departments that have different headings into one file. Easily create a database in Excel without the overhead.

Program Manager: System Integration

Our obligation is focused on deliverables for client facing and the ability to lead and guide team members  on developing solutions that fully integrate with legacy systems.

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What our clients say

Customer service at its best. Her patience was a skill set not shown on a resume. Our clients had a positive experience in learning how to use a computer. She can feel free to market to staff here about services.

Department Of Veteran Affairs Vr&e Officer@va.gov

She exhibited all the above qualities and we consistently received positive feedback from Morgan Stanley at quarterly evaluations. I would have no reservations of working with her again.

Morgan Stanley EngineeringManager@NSCGlobal.com

Who we are?

An IT consulting services company based out of New York City. We have been in the IT business since 2005. Our experience with different systems spread across three major industries such as education , financial and health industry.
"What makes us unique is our detailed eye for the technology needed to deliver what the business idea needs to be successful."

  • Passionate about what we do in technology
  • Deliver quality business solutions
  • Make the clients vision come to fruition
  • Find a way to use technology to solve world problems