Project City Tech Network

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Scope of Work 

NYC Tech. is moving to new facilities. Its new location consists of a multiple floors within a multiple building. NYC Tech occupies the following floors in:

Building #1 2nd floor for the Accounting Dept. and HR/IT: 50 users

Building #2 5th floor – Support Staff: 55 users; 12nd IT Dept.: 15 users The distance between each the buildings is 2000 meters and distance between each floor is 10 feet .

NYC Tech still using the old facility located at 300 Jay Street which is 2000 Meters away from the new Building #1. All customer service staff stayed in the old facility. The old facility consists of one single floor with 50 staff members.

Requirements: All networks must communicate with each other and each floor should be able to print All staff must have an e-mail account for communication and access to the internet. The networks must be operational 24hrs/day and 7 days/week. The president of the company wants the state of the art equipments with high throughput and tight security for all departments. As with any company, budget is always an issue. Must plan for the resources right on the first time in order to be approved by the president of the NYC Tech.